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Do you love animals? Maybe especially cats?! Doctor care cat ear is a fun game where are going to take care of a cat who have parasites. Once the cat is clean and healthy you have to dress her up! Can you help the cat?! Kitty lived in a beautiful,big house with a great garden with many trees to climb in. Her owner was a nice, old lady with a lovely smile. She used to feed Kitty, cuddle with Kitty and gave Kitty a soft bed in her house. One day when Kitty woke up she saw a mouse run past her. She took off and tried to catch the mouse when the mouse ran out of the garden, down the street and into the city with Kitty right behind. The mouse ran into a small hole in the wall and disappeared, leaving Kitty behind. Kitty looked at all the people walking past her and wondered what she was going to do now..she could not remember the way home! That is when a tall man with a net came towards her, caught her inside the net and took her to his car. The man took her to a shelter and let a veterinary take a look at her. They found wounds and parasites in her ears! But they have to many cats to give treatment,so Kitty have to wait for a long time! Will you help them give Kitty the treatment she needs and dress her so she can go back to her owner? Controls: Use your mouse to play Doctor care cat ear game. Follow the instructions the arrow on the screen gives you in order to give Kitty the right treatment. Tips: You will see a frame with pictures that shows you what to do next on your screen if you need help!