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How are your reflexes? Are you good at snowboarding? Jerry Snowboarding is a cool game where you play Jerry from Cartoon Networks! Try this fun game where you have to help Jerry get down the mountain on his snowboard without hitting the rocks! Jerry the mouse have an enemy he needs to run from. That is right.. Tom the cat! Tom is running after Jerry and trying to catch him! Jerry finds a snowboard and knows that this is his only chance to escape. Tom has never tried snowboarding before, but neither have Jerry. He could really use your help so he can get down the mountain on the snowboard without falling! Maybe you can help him pick up some apples and cheese at the same time? It would be really cool if you could teach Jerry some snowboarding tricks too?! Jerry wants to learn some tricks like front side,switch-stand,classic stand and front side! Will you help poor Jerry and save his from Tom? Hurry up! Tom is getting closer and closer! Controls: Use your mouse to play Jerry Snowboarding game. Move the mouse from side to side in order to move Jerry away from the rocks. Also use your mouse if you want to do tricks when you hit the jump ramp. Tips: Remember not to hit the rocks. You can also try to pick up some apples and cheese. Every apple will give you 100 points and every cheese will give you 200 points. If you hit the jump ramps on your way down it will give you 500 points. You will also see three heads on the screen showing how many times you can hit the rocks before the game ends. You have three chances. After you reach the finish line the game is over.