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How good are your driving skills? Can you manage to drive a tractor with a full loaded trailer to the finish line without loosing any of the objects?! Tractor Farm Cargo is a great game! Try out this fun game with 12 levels for you to enjoy, but watch out for the timer while you play! The farmer have to deliver 12 stacks of food to the local market so he have enough money to pay for treatment for his sick cow! It is the only way for him to make money fast and save his precious cow! When he went out to milk the cows this morning, he found one of his cows laying on the hay, barely moving at all. He called a veterinary right away to find out what is wrong with the cow. The veterinary told him that the cow have eaten something bad and needs surgery soon or the cow will die. The farmer could really use your driving skills if he is going to make this happen fast enough. He can not afford to loose any of his farm animals. Will you be kind and help him? Controls: Use your keyboard to play Tractor Farm Cargo game. Use your arrow keys to keep balance and move. Tips: Do not drive too fast or too slow. If you drive too fast you will loose balance, and if you drive too slow you will run out of time before you make it to the finish line! To complete the level you have to have all the objects still on the trailer. Keep a good distance between the tractor and the trailer so you do not crash them hard together. Look out for the hinders on the road and drive carefully over them!